'I love the natural look ...'

Updated: May 17, 2018

Wedding Photography comes in many different styles and as a wedding photographer I often here the phrase ‘I love the natural look’… and I agree, the bride and groom, families and children captured in engaging natural looking moments make wonderful pictures and wedding memories.

For this reason, I've chosen a selection of my recent wedding photographs. Why? Well, because all these wedding photographs have a natural feel to them but, none of them happened organically, these were all orchestrated moments. The trick is to try and generate the natural element once you have a great posed moment. Sure this isn't going to work for every situation but posed moments should certainly be given more credence.

The photograph below is from a wedding I shot recently in Lewes, high up on the balcony of a local pub during the evening. I knew there was a good background so all I needed to do was engage the couple and encourage the interaction.

bride and groom embrace, black and white weddinh photograph

Family pictures are classically everyone looking at the camera and smiling, which is great, but for me the best pictures are the family laughing and interacting ... that moment has to be driven by you the photographer ... it's easier when everyone has had a glass of wine too!

Once you have good light, a great background and a posed moment anything is possible. Any natural element can occur, everyone reacts differently but, it's the organic moment that people love and it doesn't all have to be serious and moody, funny and cute moments are equally enjoyed; if you'd never have started the pose, you'd never have arrived at that photograph.

Children are great at generating off-the-cuff moments; this because of their sheer lack of self-consciousness; apart from the grown-up kids who always want to join in! Give them an idea or instructions and a count of one ... two ... three ... and they're off. Keep the camera on them because you can guarantee something will happen. In the photograph below from a wedding in the stunning grounds at Heaven Farm in Uckfield West Sussex, these took great delight in nearly knocking me over ... especially the big kid!

Weddings are always full of surprise moments, tears and laughter. Our job is to capture it for generations to come; how you get to your 'natural look' is up to you.